Beginning to advanced students of all ages are welcome to schedule a non-obligatory interview or trial lesson. Students have weekly 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour lessons depending on the student's age and ability level.

Students study and learn music from different musical periods-- Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century and Contemporary/Jazz. Technique, theory, listening, and musicianship are all integral parts of training. Students have the opportunity to learn duets with fellow students which they may eventually perform. They perform in fall/winter and spring recitals for family and friends and often perform for the residents of Montgomery Place in Hyde Park. Studio group classes are also scheduled during the school year when students perform for each other, learn about a musical topic not covered during private lessons and enjoy dinner togther.

My studio teaching philosophy is that students should be grounded in the fundamentals of music, that is, note-reading, rhythm, ear training, written theory and musical expression. Sight-reading is emphasized early and written theory exercises are assigned in tandem with new musical concepts which help to reinforce material learned during lessons. My goal is to help develop the necessary and relevant skills which may be extended to other areas of academic/musical training, gain a sense of accomplishment and most importantly help students instill a joy and love for music.